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As members of Auction House, Compass are able to offer clients ‘Sale by Auction’ after becoming members of ‘Auction House UK’ in January 2013, the country’s largest and fastest growing auctioneers, covering Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Charles Lovell, Auction House UK Manager says: “Selling at auction through a leading regional auction room ensures sellers get the very best price for their property. Auction House UK share that core belief and as the region’s premier auctioneers we hope to increase our relationship with property managers and local estate agents, offering through them this crucial and effective service for a wide variety of property”

Compass have joined forces with Auction House to offer an auction sales service to our customers and promote the attraction lots to our buyers.  Auction House UK will sell over 2,000 auction lots this year in all parts of the country.  More and more sellers are now thinking about ‘Selling By Auction’.  Auctions are growing in popularity and TV programmes like ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ have raised public interest and understanding of the process and the opportunities that it offers.

If you are interested in selling at auction, we will be delighted to assist.  Please call David Donnelly on 01234 351577 for an initial discussion.

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