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Successfully marketing a development of new homes takes a great deal more than luck. Attracting the right purchasers is a skill and you must ensure you choose a team of dedicated sales people who understand the market and use professional sales techniques.

Compass has years of experience in the sale of new home developments, from small properties to large developments. Each require a different style of approach, dictated by price and location. Developments are marketed using a combination of media, from local newspapers to dedicated pages on the internet. Colour brochures incorporate artwork to give an accurate reflection of the proposed completed layout and include details of local amenities and attractions, which are all too often the deciding factor in a purchase.

The exclusive new homes centre, situated in the centre of Bedford, in a spacious corner showroom with extensive window frontages is open seven days a week it is ideally placed to advertise developments to their full advantage to a large audience of passing pedestrians and motorists.

Compass offers a complete service to all developers, whether you are selling five or fifty homes; from initial brief to completion of the last sale, our staff will take a proactive role to ensure the success of the project. Regular reporting keeps you informed of progress.

When you are planning a new development, make all the right moves and talk to Compass.

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